Just because the Grammy Awards forgot him, doesn't mean the rest of the world did. Jeff Hanneman, the late Slayer guitarist, was honored earlier this week by a city in Poland through a charity auction. Jaworzno Poland held a fundraiser with the winner given the opportunity to rename the circle for one full year. The winning bid, by Art-Com, decided to rename the circle 'Jeff Hanneman's Circle Pit."

According to Loudwire, a company called Art-Com won the charity auction during the 'Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity' which raises money for various projects. This year's fundraiser will be used for "the purchase of specialized equipment for children's emergency medicine and deserving health care for seniors." The company won after they donated 15,800 Polish Zloty or roughly $5,115 USD, to win the auction and have the right to name the circle after the legendary Slayer guitarist.