Let's just say it. COVID has been one big, fat, monstrous bully. We all know what we went through so no need to recap things here. I just want to acknowledge that in addition to the massive losses, there was also an element that really worked on our spirits...we lost a year of events and community fun. Well I'm happy to say that we are starting to return to normal and here's another example...Point Pleasant Beach Offshore Grand Prix is back baby!

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Of course it was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now we have confirmation that this good time will be back June 11-13th.  This is a fun way to soak in the sun, enjoy some family time and celebrate what is means to be a part of a shore community.

Our local businesses will get some love during this event which is so needed (and deserved).  The Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) are happy to have the race make its return and it should bring lots of people out to enjoy and boost up local businesses.  Make sure to make a day of it and take it the local amazing food while you are there!

This is another fun aspect, if you love to get up close and personal to the boats you'll have an opportunity to do that too. They boats will be parked at the train station parking lot on June 11-12, and of course race day is on June 13th.

So don't forget your sunscreen and get ready to fresh air, fun and sun! This really will be a return to normal outings and community togetherness. Let's hope for great weather on this awesome family day and for our COVID numbers to keep on droppin'! If you want more details on the race you can go to njoffshore.org.
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