As you have been hearing all day, bar and club owners in the town of Point Pleasant, NJ have to stop serving alcohol at midnight starting July 1st, 2012 or face a hefty fine according to a 4-3 vote last night in Point Pleasant.

Lawmakers/politicians  hope it will curtail rowdy behavior in the streets by drunk bar patrons once the bars close while many business owners see it, of course, as a blow to their livelihoods.

You can read the complete story here at 105.7 The Hawk

My personal opinion is that this whole think is BS. The bars/restaurants offered the town a lump payment so Point Pleasant can pay for additional cops at night to keep the crowds under control.

That obviously wasn't good enough for the town. When people rent houses for the season in Point Pleasant, they know what they are dealing with. I understand that people should not be urinating and making a mess on people's property, but will that really end because bars will be closing at midnight? In my opinion, NO! They will just urinate 2 hours EARLIER.

The bar owners/restaurants rely heavily on seasonal revenue, and this can very well hurt the Point Pleasant businesses.

This ordinance that was just passed could give patrons a reason to spend their money in other towns along the Jersey Shore .

It just seems more and more laws are made everyday for no real reason, and that people don't have a say in things anymore.

It just seems that people do not have a "voice" anymore. If lawmakers want to make a new law,  then that's it. There is nothing you can do about regardless of how many town hall meetings are held.

Do you agree with Point Pleasant bars closing at midnight?