You bought your tickets, you paid the service fees, you paid the tolls on the parkway, you brought enough money for food and drink and merch...but now you'll need to bring some extra cash if you feel like sitting in a chair on the lawn at the PNC Bank Arts Center.

pnc bank arts center
Brad Barket/Getty Images

There are plenty of pros & cons about the lawn seats in general...usually the artist will help me decide if it's worth it to pay extra to get closer to the stage, or just to have a seat to relax in as opposed to being further out and having to stand the whole time (ugh I sound so old).

Frankly I've always hated the people who brought chairs to the lawn anyway. During the opening bands, most people are just milling around the lawn, so the chairs get in the way. If it's a mellow concert (like when I was on the lawn for Crosby, Stills, & Nash), the chairs elevate people just enough that it's annoying for those of us who chose to just bring a blanket. If the headliners are a more active band, people like to get up and push towards the front of the lawn, or get up and dance or mosh or whatever, so the chairs continue to get in the way.

The fact that the venue is banning people from bringing their own chairs and making them rent from the Arts Center is just gross. There are going to be countless people pissed off when they are told they have to leave their chair outside the gates because they don't know about this new rule, so it's my hope that people refuse to rent these seats in protest. Damn the man!

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