Here's a quick recap of how this conversation got restarted around the office: one of our coworkers made a meme saying it was fine to leave your car at the pump while you ran inside Wawa to buy whatever you needed. She actually took to Twitter, tagged Wawa, and got a response saying "affirmative".

Look man, I don't care if Wawa says it's fine, DON'T BE A JERK.

Unless it's sometime after midnight, and Wawa is mostly empty, you shouldn't just leave your car. Wawa parking lots are notoriously tight, so if you just leave your car sitting there while people are lining up behind you to get gas, all while you're sitting inside deciding what toppings you want on your sandwich, then going back a screen to change your mind, then figuring out if you want mac&cheese or mashed potatoes as a side, then running over and pouring a cup of coffee, adding your creamer, then waiting in line to pay, then waiting again to get your sandwich, you're an awful person and I hope your car gets four flat tires as soon as you pull out of the lot.

Where things get weird is that, regardless of my coworker and her 'endorsement' from Wawa on Twitter, the stores themselves all have these stickers at the gas pumps saying

Please be considerate and free this position when finished fueling.

Thank you (the customer behind you).

So whose word do you take? Wawa on Twitter, or the Wawa pump itself?

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