If you are like me and you don't just LOVE pickles but you CRAVE them then I have your low carb dream come true. What's the big dill?  Everyone is talking about Elsie's Pickles, Jersey's own build-it-yourself pickle sandwich shop.  You choose the meats, cheeses, and spicy sauces including Sriracha or wasabi but forget the bread, the pickle is the star!

They don't stop at sandwiches, if you want the best spicy bloody marry shooter in town you have to get it in a hollowed out pickle!  Literally, my mouth is watering.

Photo credit: Elsie's Bloody Mary Pickle Shooter Facebook
Photo credit: Elsie's Bloody Mary Pickle Shooter Facebook
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You can also try the housemade Pinney Baron mixer in store or from their online shop at PeaceLovePickles.com It's a cocktail mix of pineapple, pickle brine, jalapeño and lime mixed with tequila or vodka. I'm on board with every part of this until we get to the bottled Pickle Brine, I think this is where I tap out. People actually buy bottled brine (think a bottle of soda) and they drink it straight up. They say it's great for hydration straight up, or as a mixer.  You have to be hard core to drink straight up pickle juice. Are you up for it?

Elsie’s, original sandwich shop is located in Haddon Township, New Jersey, and it attracts pickle fans from around the country!  They've been featured on Buzzfeed, Thrillist, LADbible and more!

Elsie’s is so popular they are opening a second shop in Northfield, New Jersey, this year.  I think I could eat here everyday of my life. For now, I'll have to wait until this weekend's splurge.

Thank you to www.onlyinyourstate.com for the original story!

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