Everyone seems to love sunflowers, and why not? They are bright yellow and big, and they look like the sun, hence...It's why they are called sunflowers.

It's sunflower season, and you can pick your own this year at a farm in New Jersey.

I posted an article back in 2019 about picking your own tulips at Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge, New Jersey. Well, it's now time to pick sunflowers.

Sunflower season begins on Friday, September 25th, and you can only purchase tickets online which range from $6 - $12. Currently, Holland Ridge Farms is selling tickets for two weeks at a time, but they expect to be open until the end of October

Once you are on the farm grounds, sunflowers are just $1 a stem

According to their website:

We plant millions of sunflower seeds in weekly stages which means there are always beautiful blooms on display throughout the season. The Holland Ridge Farms u-pick sunflower season opens in September and runs for around four weeks depending on Mother Nature.

Check out their video from last year for U-Pick Sunflowers:

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