Yup! They're the worst. I have always said it, and especially their Flyers fans. They stink too, and have no class. None!

Last night during game #3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs vs the Washington Capitals, the Flyers proved me RIGHT once again.

The Flyers are now down three games to none as they lost last night's game 6-1. They looked absolutely awful. The Capitals scored 5 power play goals against them....That's right.....5!

And one of the penalties that was given to the Flyers, was because of the fans. Good job Philly.

I'll explain....

At the beginning of the game, the fans were given light up bracelets as part of a pregame ceremony to honor Ed Snyder, Flyers owner, who just passed away from Cancer.

Because the flyers were getting blown out by the Capitals, the fans started throwing the bracelets onto the ice. The fans were warned if they don't stop, the team will be given a penalty for delay of game. The public address announcer also asked the fans to "have some class"


The Flyers fans can't even shut the hell up for 15 seconds during a moment of silence to pay respect to Flyers owner Ed Snyder. What's wrong with you people?

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