Another New Jersey business is getting ready to close its doors despite the fact that the company itself doesn't want it to happen.

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It's always a bummer seeing another business close its doors in the Garden State, but what's even more frustrating to see that the store isn't closing of its own free will.

Rather, the store's landlord isn't going ahead to renew the lease forcing this business to close its doors after nearly 30 years of serving the community.

Sadly we're seeing a lot of brick-and-mortar retailers closing their doors; just last year we saw the closure of a Bed Bath and Beyond, a CVS, Stop and Shop, and Walgreens.

Photo by Marques Thomas on Unsplash
Photo by Marques Thomas on Unsplash

Get ready to add another to the list.

I'm a big fan of this place too, it's one of those stores that I could just walk around and browse for hours while sipping a cup of coffee.

It's also one of the few retailers around anymore like it, at this point, most of these types of stores closed their doors years ago.

Borders Bookstore was the only other place that was similar to this place, and Borders has been out of business for years.

Photo by Shiromani Kant on Unsplash
Photo by Shiromani Kant on Unsplash

So, What Popular New Jersey Retailer Is Getting Ready To Close Another Location?

I shop at this place a few times a year, especially since I'm trying to read more and more every year.

It's the kind of place that sells a little bit of everything; vinyl records, educational toys, magazines, notebooks, movies, and of course a huge selection of popular book titles.

According to, Barnes and Noble in Paramus New Jersey is getting ready to close its doors.

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The store has been open for nearly 30 years at its location off route 17. reports that Barnes and Noble weren't able to negotiate a lease renewal and that the landlord plans on converting the site into an adult daycare facility.

The Paramus Barnes and Noble will close its doors on Saturday, February 11th.

That being said, a representative for Barnes and Noble expressed a hope to reopen stores near Paramus, as well as Clark New Jersey sometime in the future.

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