Summer is a great time to enjoy an ice-cold beer and these days folks are taking their beer very seriously. Craft beers are hugely popular not only here in New Jersey but also around the nation and the world.


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Breweries are making some of the most unique and tasty brews these days and people enjoy all kinds of different variations of traditional beer brewing. We have numerous breweries that have popped up here in Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth Counties. Many of you at home may have a favorite that you enjoy and the national brands.

According to Google, the most popular "national" beer brand in America is Bud Light. Globally the most popular beer brand, according to Google, is Budweiser.


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What about right here in New Jersey? I stumbled across an article by Stacker that looked at the best beers around the nation, including right here in the Garden State. The article "The best beer from every state, according to consumers" named a recipe from Kane Brewing in Monmouth County as the best in New Jersey.

Kane Brewings' "Sunday Brunch" was named as best in Jersey in the article. "Hold the mimosa, there’s a new Sunday recovery beverage in town. And it’s aptly called Sunday Brunch. Fans say it’s “Sweet, creamy, and rich on the palate—not unlike egg nog.” But go easy on the refills; Kane Brewing’s creation clocks in at over 9% ABV."

Kane Brewing is located at 1750 Bloomsbury Ave, Ocean Township, NJ 07712.

Kane's "Sunday Brunch" is an "American Imperial Porter". The darker recipe (Alcohol By Volume ABV) is 9.2%.

Have you had "Sunday Brunch" from Kane Brewing in Ocean Township? If you have, give us your review and let us know what you thought. If not maybe you wanna put this recipe on your list to try.

As always drink responsibly and cheers to New Jersey's best brew.


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