We asked you to vote, and vote you did! To the tune of over 5,000 votes cast in Round 2!

And with that, Round 2 comes to a close, and our 4 semi-finalists move on to Round 3.

Here's how the matchups shook out:

  • 1

    Toms River South vs. Point Pleasant Borough

    Toms River South, with over 400 more votes than Point Borough, moves on to Round 3 and holds on to the top seed with a difference of a full 33%.

    Winner: Toms River South

  • 2

    Central Regional vs. Lacey Township

    This one came down to the wire, but Central Regional held off Lacey by only 9%, just over 150 votes.

    Winner: Central Regional

  • 3

    Toms River East vs. Pinelands Regional

    Our spring Mascot Madness champions, Toms River East, vanquished their Southern Ocean County competition at Pinelands Regional by just over 20%, a differential of about 200 votes.

    Winner: Toms River East

  • 4

    Manchester Township vs. Toms River North

    And here, we come to our big upset. The largest high school in Ocean County, Toms River North, will be watching from the sidelines as Manchester Township piled on the votes and move on to the semi-finals with a decisive 27% more votes than North, a total of exactly 340 more votes.

    Winner: Manchester Township

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