So unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you have heard about all of the 'issues' that supermarkets were having with people doing disgusting acts with prepackaged food, like ice cream.

A few months ago, a young woman posted a video to her social media of her taking out ice cream from her local supermarket's fridge, taking off the lid, and running her tongue across the ice cream and then putting the cap back on and placing it back in the refrigerator.

This vial and gross act caught national attention, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

I'll be completely honest with you, when I heard of that instance, I thought that she was crazy -- yes, but I didn't know that there were so many instances of people messing with prepackaged food.

This made me super wary when I purchase things without fastened lids or that have that 'second layer of protection.'

A post that I came across on social media today renewed my fears because a woman explains that she bought TurkeyHill ice cream from the Shoprite in Waretown and found odd markings when she opened the container. The markings look like someone ran their finger through the ice cream -- gross!

Now obviously, we can't confirm if someone ACTUALLY ran their finger through the ice cream or it was a machine, or something hit it... but it just makes you think... what if someone did. That's super gross.

The person who posted the picture and caption says that she is going to be bringing back the ice cream and asking for them to check the cameras.

See the post below:

Tainted Ice Cream (Facebook)
Tainted Ice Cream (Facebook)

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