Despite doing a movie-review series here, I am not really a big fan of actually going to the theater. I prefer to watch movies from the comfort of home, but I will admit there are certain movies that still need the big-screen experience (I will see every 'Star Wars' movie in a theater until I die).

While movie theaters have been upgraded since I was a kid, there's nothing in our area that is quite like the Cinemark theater experience.

Cinemark is opening a new theater in Wayne, NJ that will feature a wall-to-wall XD (eXtreme Digital) screen, reserved seating, and a few RealD 3D screens. You can also enjoy heated seats and swivel trays for your snacks. The concession stand includes traditional movie theater snacks as well as Starbucks drinks, Edy’s ice cream and hot food including fried pickles, mozzarella sticks, quesadillas and a Pizza Hut stand.

If there was just a way to actually create an isolation booth within a movie theater that would shield me from other people talking or coughing or opening wrappers or sucking the last drops of soda or opening their phones, I'd be in heaven.


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