Comcast dropped the YES Network last fall. Opening Day came and went with no headway made by either side. Now, the Ocean County Board of Freeholders wants Comcast to refund the money of customers who are missing out on the Yankees, Nets, and NYCFC.

The Freeholders released a statement, and sent a letter to Comcast Regional Vice President Robert F. Smith.

Comcast is charged $5.36 per month by the YES Network to carry the channel. With about 900,000 customers, Comcast is saving over $4.8 million per month.

Freeholder Joseph H. Vicari asked, “Why isn’t that money used to lower bills instead of being pocketed by the cable company?”

Freeholder Director John P. Kelly said, “They are not showing the games but what happened to the money they were paying to the YES Network? Comcast should be refunding that money to customers.”

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I'm still surprised that neither side has backed down on this. When YES was first canceled, I assumed there would be an 11th hour deal, the night before Opening Day, a big announcement saying "Yankee fans rejoice, you can watch your team!"  Now, nearly a month into the season, it seems like YES and Comcast are still staring eachother down, hoping the other will break.

And as usual, in a battle between billion-dollar companies, the public and the fans are the ones who lose.


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