Ok, Ocean County it is confession time! What am I talking about? I'm talking "pumpkin spice" it seems the "fall" flavor is out before Labor Day! This past weekend April went into Wawa in Little Egg Harbor and she was going to get a blueberry coffee, Wawa's su7mmer release, but it was gone and there it was "pumpkin spice".

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Let me first say that April loves to stick to the seasons, in other words, no autumn traditions during summer, winter, etc., my daughter Ireland is pretty much the same with sticking to the current season.

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That being said, April caved and with the "blueberry" available, which she really enjoyed this summer, she tapped into the "pumpkin spice" coffee....now will she again before fall? time will tell.

I wanted to find out if others here in Ocean County have broken down and jumped on the pumpkin spice bandwagon and we asked you to be honest....

  • Ellen: Nope! Still three more weeks of summer!
  • Kenn: Yes ground coffee from a bag, bought at a grocery store.
  • Paul: No way
  • Darrin: I eat pumpkin pie all year
  • Sally: Had a munchkin, lol
  • Heather: I have!!! No shame in my game
  • Nancy: Not yet! Sept. 1st for me.....let's see if I can hold out!
  • William: Absolutely! It’s gone by Halloween anyway
  • Sandy: Pumpkin muffins. I’m guilty. Not that I want summer to be almost over by any means!
  • Lisa: Yup. Dunkin coffee. Soooo good
  • Nikki: Pumpkin spice is gross
  • Cara: I have
  • Bonnie: No, no, no. I'm a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving kind of person. I'd rather bake a peach pie for the end of summer and then, bring on the apple pies!
  • Mr Joe: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • Michele: I was in Sam’s club in Freehold on Sunday and they have pumpkin spice ravioli! I didn’t buy it
  • Aim: Yes sir. Bought my pumpkin coffee three weeks ago and have a pumpkin pound cake on the counter!! Woohooo

How about YOU at home? Have you sampled the "spice" ?????


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


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