Entrepreneur/super-genius/Simpsons guest star/savior of the future Elon Musk says he got "verbal government approval" to begin planning an underground Hyperloop system connecting New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC.


I'm not exactly sure what "verbal government approval" means, but the White House has confirmed that it has been in talks with Musk about the tunnel.

Driving from New York to Washington DC is about a four-and-a-half to five hour trip. Even flying will take just under an hour, so making the trip less than half an hour is an incredible leap in technology. Even for those of us living in Ocean County, the 90ish minute drive to New York plus the 29 minute train ride would still be easier than driving all the way to DC.

I'm all board the Elon train, literally and figuratively. He does seem to be a bit over-ambitious at times, with rumors about a Los Angeles-San Francisco Hyperloop, one in Texas, one in Chicago, all without real substantial evidence that the project will move beyond hypothetical.

Despite that, if anyone is going to get something like this off the ground (or under the ground), I think it would be Musk.

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