The New York Yankees have stepped forward and offered to pay for drug treatment for Dwight Gooden.

Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry have been in the news quite a bit lately since the ESPN 30/30 documentary "Doc and Darryl" aired a few months ago spotlighting their careers and their well documented drug use.

In the episode, it was pretty apparent that Dwight Gooden is still battling his addiction while Strawberry is clean helping people who are battling addiction.

This past week, Darryl Strawberry issued a statement saying that Dwight Gooden is a "junkie-addict", and that he has been trying to help him behind the scenes.

Dwight Gooden insists that he is not using, and need to make better choices in picking friends (sound like denial to me)

So now the NY Yankees are looking to help out Dwight Gooden as well. Click here to read the full story

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