Over the weekend, former baseball player Darryl Strawberry came out in the media and said he was concerned about Dwight Gooden's drug addiction after Gooden missed a appearance. Gooden wasn't happy about what was said.

Strawberry made a statement to the NY Daily News saying:

"He’s a complete junkie-addict,” “I’ve been trying behind the scenes to talk to him and get him to go for help, but he won’t listen. He thinks he can manipulate and BS his way through everything. His son called me to beg me to help his dad before he dies.

Dwight Gooden's children thanked Darryl Strawberry for his help and expressed concern over their father as well.

On the Joe Piscopo Podcast, Dwight Gooden denied the allegations that he is using again by saying:

"I am healthy,"  “I do have a drug problem. I’ve been an addict most my life. I am an addict.“I don’t hide from anything. Anything I’m doing wrong, I’ll be the first to tell you.”

He also said missing the scheduled appearance had nothing to do with drugs.

Well, now it appears he is pretty upset at Darryl Strawberry for going public with his statements by lashing out at him and doubting their friendship. According to The Score, Gooden added

"The Darryl thing hurt me a lot," he said. "I re-established a relationship with him. I gave him a lot of stuff. I never went to the press. I never said anything (negative) about him. I need to make better choices in picking friends."

Strawberry and Gooden were just featured on an episode of ESPN's 30 for 30 called "Doc and Darryl" about their career in baseball and their notorious drug use.


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