Fireworks aren't for everyone. While I love being close enough to feel the vibrations in my chest, Baby Varacchi hasn't been a fan so far, and I assume most babies and younger kids are the same.

If you want an alternative to the loud explosions (and not have to worry about weather ruining your plans), Novins Planetarium on the campus of OCC has you covered with an "Indoor PJ Party Fireworks Show".

The show starts at 12:30pm, this Saturday June 29th. Beforehand, there's a special "Patriotic Craft" that your kids can make starting at Noon.

Tickets are available here.

The rest of the day is full of great Laser Shows for all ages, including Laser Spirit, a show featuring a mix of classic rock, pop, oldies, adult contemporary, and patriotic music. Laser Spirit starts at 5:30p, and the rest of the evening is full of laser shows like Laser Country at 6:45p, Laser Beatles at 8:00p, Laser Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon at 9:15p, and Laser Pink Floyd: The Wall at 10:30p.

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