Love is in the air, and before we know it, the big day will be here. In celebration of Valentine's Day, we're shining the spotlight on the businesses that make February 14 the best that it can be. Who will be a part of the very exclusive Cupid Club? That's up to you. We are getting closer to that day set aside for love ❤️ Valentine’s Day.

To me with my Valentine, the "best" date has to be perfect. Where would your best date be? Maybe a walk along the boards, Jenkinson's Aquarium, or a great dinner out. This year might be a little different, but you can still enjoy your "best" date. Maybe your "best" date would be a vacation somewhere. A quiet little getaway just the two of you. We have some awesome places here at the Shore. Maybe, a quick ride on the Ferris Wheel in Seaside or a cute little coffee shop in Asbury. It's all about the local businesses here at the Jersey Shore that help to make your special date the best.

It's your "perfect" best date.

Submit your nominations now for best date part of our cupid club. Voting begins soon, so watch this space to vote for your favorite best date.

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