When Seaside Heights has to deal with heavy rains, certain streets get flooded. It also happens in Ortley Beach and Lavallette.

What also happens is that people sometimes drive through flooded areas faster than they probably should and water gets displaced onto people's property causing damage to their homes.

To minimize water damage to homeowners, Seaside Heights is planning on adopting "No-Wake" ordinances for cars driving through flooded streets

According to Shorebeat:

Seaside Heights Borough Administrator Anthony Vaz said the language of the ordinance is still being crafted and will likely be introduced and adopted by summer. The ordinance could apply to the entire town or specific areas.

Anthony Vaz, the mayor, said police will strictly enforce the ordinance this year.

“If you’re going to drive your car down that street, it’s simple, you’re going to ruin your own car,” he said, “but don’t crucify the people who own property nearby.”

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