Gregg Allman turned 64 yesterday, born on December 8, 1947 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Struggles with drugs and alcohol, as well as well-publicized health challenges (Hepatitis C led to a transplant in 2010 to replace a bad liver) may have slowed him down but they haven't stopped him.

The tragic death of his big brother, Duane in 1971 and several failed marriages (including one to Cher in 1975) haven't stopped him from a lifetime devoted to his art, either.

Southern rock, blues, country, gospel--Gregg's soulful, distinctive voice and his talent as a songwriter and keyboardist have made him a living legend.

And I'm thinking that with a lifetime like that, it's no wonder that Gregg is so suited to express the pain and lament of a hard life (via the blues in particular) so well.

The road can't go on forever, but let's hope that Gregg stays on that touring road for many, many years to come...

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