This is a pizza cutter:

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It's a simple utensil, and if you like to make your own pizza like my family does, or sometimes just need to work through the cut that the pizzeria made, it does the job. Simple, clean, and efficient, it is literally the only utensil that should be on the table when you're having pizza.

This is a pizza fork:

It's a goddamn abomination is what it is.

The description says the pizza fork would also be good for "pancakes, waffles, steaks or chops" - and while I get that it would probably be good for soft stuff like pancakes and waffles, I find it really hard to believe that you'd be able to cut through any type of meat with a blade like that. Steak knives are serrated for a reason.

While the product technically did not exist, there was a Kickstarter set up with the goal of $10,000. For once, humanity didn't throw money at a stupid crowd-sourced product, and only donated less than $4k.

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