A New Jersey mother has been arrested after her five-year-old daughter came to school with severe sunburn, supposedly caused by a trip to a tanning salon.

Patricia Krentcil, 44, is out on bail following her arrest on a second degree child endangerment charge. She claims that her fair-skinned daughter never came into the tanning bed at the salon, she just sat outside while her mother tanned.

The salon was investigated by police and actually backed up the story, saying the young girl was never actually inside a tanning bed. The fact that her mom looks like she does, however, makes it kind of hard to put faith in her statement.

Even if the story of the young girl just being outside is the truth, should that still be "child endangerment"?  The girl is clearly fair-skinned, and speaking as a pale person myself, I know the importance of sunblock. Shouldn't Patricia Krentcil have taken the proper precautions anyway?

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