I had no idea that there was actually a law banning food from being served at a funeral. My whole life, I just assumed it was something of a faux pas to have food, since yknow, there's a dead body in the room and others downstairs (I assume). There was always a water fountain or something to sip on, and as we grew older there would be someone who made a Dunkin run to grab a coffee or whatever, but it never occurred to me that a specific law banned us from having food.

Governor Phil Murphy just signed a law (S2807) that removed the ban on refreshments being served at a funeral home. I guess it makes sense, because depending on your culture, wakes and funerals can last a few hours. If you choose the four-hour option, it would definitely be nice to have a small spread of sandwiches or something, and even if you pick the two-hour wake with a gap in between, this saves you from having to go home or out to eat before the next two-hour wake.

Some funeral homes still support the ban, because the size of their building won't easily accomodate a kitchen or a dining area.

Honestly though, I'm not sure how comfortable I will be if the next funeral I go to has a table set up with food and drinks anyway.

[via NJ.com]

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