How much do you depend on your morning coffee?  I know people who literally can’t function without first having a cup of Joe.

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In fact, my girlfriend used to have a single cup machine on her nightstand.  Each night before going to bed, she would set it up.  She would put her coffee grounds in the basket water in the tank, and place a travel mug underneath.  As soon as the alarm clock went off, she would hit the snooze, and then reach for the “on” button to start her morning brew!  A pretty determined coffee drinker, right?

We’ve slowly moved from that process to a normal coffee machine setup.  One with a timer to coincide with the alarm clock, and for the most part, it’s me who gets up to bring hers and mine into the bedroom for consumption.

Kudos to Wawa, for making teachers' morning coffee routine a snap.  They have initiated a program called “Cheers to the Classrooms”.  It’s a celebration to honor our teachers and school administrators with an offering a free cup of coffee of any size,  for school teachers and administrators.  All of Wawa’s stores are taking part in this effort. The free coffee promotion lasts all through the month of September.

The program is also designed to assist local schools with a proposed $25,000 fund.  This campaign will also consist of what they are calling store-to-school visits.

The support Wawa plans to give includes many resources and supplies needed for K-12 at-risk youth, who are heading back to school this year after experiencing a stressful home-school environment.

Their website says “All 940 Wawa stores will visit a local school to bring goodies to!”

Wawa president and CEO Chris Gheysens says…

“Wawa is making a special effort to bring cheer to classrooms across our chain with free coffee, financial support and special visits as our small way of expressing gratitude to those championing for our children.  It gives us great pride to celebrate our teachers and school administration who represent everyday heroes in our community.”

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