This is awesome! Old Glory Tattoo Company in Asbury Park is celebrating two of my favorite things - Halloween and The Simpsons!

All this week, from October 26th through October 31st, they're hosting their 9th Annual Treehouse of Horror Tattoo Special. Here's how it all works: due to COVID restrictions, you have to set an appointment in advance through their website - no walk-ins will be allowed. Obviously all other pandemic restrictions will still be in effect too, so masks will be required and social distance will be enforced. They will have a selection of a ton of Halloween flash, plus plenty of designs that celebrate the Halloween-themed episodes of The Simpsons, the Treehouse of Horror!

They will also be willing to draw up anything that you want custom-drawn, as long as it fits the theme of Treehouse of Horror or Halloween in general.

Everyone who gets a tattoo that is Halloween or Treehouse of Horror related will get a custom limited-edition enamel lapel pin too!

I will admit, I don't have any tattoos - but I have a ton of ideas. Being that I am a huge Simpsons geek, a lot of my ideas are Simpsons-related, so maybe this will finally be the week that I commit to an idea and get something permanently inked on my skin.

Meanwhile, I think it's definitely time to either fire up Disney Plus and binge some Treehouse of Horror episodes, or maybe dust off my Simpsons DVD box sets so I can watch them with the Director Commentary!

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