I hope you don't listen to the world when they say that New Jersey is the armpit of the globe.

Those who say that clearly have never been to the Garden State.

Between our beaches, bays, boardwalks, waterfront businesses, vast majority of food and culture, accessibility to live sports and shows and everything in-between, we are a freaking hidden treasure as far as I am concerned.

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New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium honors New Jersey's beauty every year with an annual contest that also gives local photographers a chance to get their work out there. It is back up and running once again.

It is called the Jersey Shore Photo Contest and here is how it works.


If you have an amazing photo that, "celebrates and embraces the natural elements of the Garden State's beautiful coastline, then submit the image to NJSGC's revamped photo contest!"

You have until Tuesday, June 8th at 5:00 PM EST to get your submissions in.

FYI: CLICK HERE and scroll down to look at the more specific rules and regulations so you don't get disqualified for a silly reason.

Once all entries are received, New Jersey Sea Grant's graphic design team will select the top 24 photos which will be posted to their website.

From there, choosing the winner is all up to the public.

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We will need YOU to vote for your favorite photo (I will let you know when voting has officially opened on NJ Sea Grant's website) to crown the winner.

Voting will be open until 4th of July Weekend.

From there, the top 12 photographers will be crowned and their photography will be transformed into an awesome 2023 Jersey Shore themed annual calendar.

If you need some inspiration, here are 2021's winners.

Note that NJ Sea Grant credits each individual photographer in the calendar!

NJ Sea Grant Consortium 2022 Photo Contest Winners

How would you like your photography featured in an annual calendar? Here are last year's winners for some inspiration.

To be an artist is not an easy task and getting your work out there after completed is even harder.

That is why contests like this are so important.

Is it scary to put your stuff out there? Of course.

Does rejection SUCK? Absolutely.

But just ask yourself how you would feel if you didn't submit anything at all. The regret of wondering, "What if....?" is no joke.

So get to snapping and I am wishing the best of luck to all Jersey Shore photographers and artists.

For more information, visit New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium's website.

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