Free Beer & Hot Wings have discussed many "phantom poopers" that have popped up in the news in various spots around the country - this is the first time that I can remember someone actually being caught!

The Holmdel High School track team would discover human feces on "an almost daily basis". When the Holmdel school resource officer began to monitor the area each morning, he eventually caught the pooper with his pants down, so to speak (full disclosure: not really sure if his pants were actually down at the moment of apprehension).

The culprit? The Superintendent of the Kenilworth school district. PLOT TWIST! Thomas Tramaglini lives in Matawan, just a few miles from the high school. His motive is as yet undetermined, but Deadspin puts forth the theory that he was avenging his district’s high school, Brearley, losing to Holmdel last football season.

Tramaglini was charged with lewdness and littering for his defecation. His case is scheduled for May 30th. Until then, he's on paid leave from his $150,000-a-year job.


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