Life can be hard on Dick Street. There are ups and downs, sometimes an unexpected curve to the left, or maybe the right. Maybe trimming the bushes or adding a double cul de sac at the end could solve some issues, but most residents simply don't like the name of the road they live on.

If you're driving around Clifton, NJ, you could find yourself heading down Ellsworth Street. When that street crosses Howard Avenue, the name changes to Dick Street. The township wants to change the entire street to Dick Street, to prevent confusion. Obviously residents of Ellsworth don't want to turn into Dicks.



So anyway, would you live on Dick Street? I understand it might lead to some awkward moments when you give someone your address, and it does sound like an unused insult from Anchorman, but come on, it's just a street name. Cox Cro Road runs through Ocean County, and despite routinely causing giggles, no one is freaking out about a name change.

And frankly, why the hell doesn't the town just change the whole street to Ellsworth? Go with the simplest solution, dummies.

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