I had no idea about this actually, and the restaurants have been open for a few months now. Why didn't my sources tell me about this one?

I knew that Nathan's Famous in the Ocean County Mall closed down last year, but I didn't know they reopened in Toms River in the Silverton Square Shopping Center at 1809 Hinds Rd. in Toms River (off Hooper/Church Ave) right behind the Walgreens.

And Inside the same store of Nathan's Famous is......Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips.

How bout that??....Open one door....TWO RESTAURANTS!!

Of course, you know all about the famous hot dogs and crinkle cut french fries at Nathan's, but if you're not familiar with Arthur Treacher's, they have fish & chips, fried shrimp, fish sandwiches, lobster bites, and clams! They are fantastic. I used to eat there all the time as a kid when I was living in Chicago.

You can see that I am very happy about this.....It's safe to say I will be walking through their doors within the next 24 hours!



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