The rules for restaurants have changed a lot during lockdown. Local breweries were able to serve people with curbside pickup, but distilleries weren't. Now, a bill has passed through the State Senate and Assembly to allow delivery of alcohol - it's just waiting for Governor Murphy's signature.

Bill A-3966 would permit delivery of alcohol in "a closed or sealed container ... of 16 fluid ounces or less. Distilled alcoholic beverages sold or delivered in a closed or sealed container may be mixed or blended with other alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages. Any other alcoholic beverage may be sold or delivered in a closed or sealed container of any size."

This is a solid move because it will help keep more businesses open, and keep more people employed. I know some people scoffed at the idea that liquor stores were essential businesses from the beginning, but I've also heard from plenty of doctors and nurses who were glad that our hospitals weren't full of people going through withdrawals.

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