The places you can smoke in New Jersey is shrinking, and boardwalks may be next on the list...which I think is awesome.

Just a few months ago, Governor Murphy banned smoking at all public beaches, and now two lawmakers want to expand the ban to boardwalks, amusement parks, cemeteries, racetracks, sporting facilities, recreational areas, marinas, historic sites, and natural areas.

State Senator Shirley Turner, D-Mercer, said she was "offended" after visiting Seaside Heights this summer and seeing people smoking.

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While I don't think it is "offensive", I do hate being around smokers. When smoking was allowed in restaurants I always asked to be seated as far away as possible; I hated going to a concert in college and coming home reeking of stale smoke; I hated being on the beach and just being downwind from someone smoking.

I also admit that I'm being a bit hypocritical, because I typically want the government to stay the hell out of my personal life...but I'm just so anti-smoking that I'm happy to hear about any additional restrictions that keep smoke away from me.

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