Your own personal experience may vary, but when it comes to actual data, New Jersey is one of the soberest states in the country. crunched the numbers, using variables like number of people who drink regularly, number of people who binge-drink, and even the number of craft breweries per capita.

The results? Washington DC is home to the drunkest Americans; Arkansas is the most sober; New Jersey lands at #38.

Here's more rankings for New Jersey

24th in percentage of adults who drink, 57.37%
27th in percentage of adults who binge-drink, 26.1%
29th in alcohol consumption per person, 2.33 gallons
36th in change in percentage of adults who drink, 2008-2017, -1.7%
45th in per-capita craft breweries, 1.6 per 100,00

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According to the data, 70% of adults in DC drink regularly, and almost 40% binge-drink regularly. I can understand it, because if I were completely surrounded by politics, I'd be a heavy drinker.

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