Yesterday afternoon, ESPN reported that former NFL running back Ray Rice had taken a position on the coaching staff of Don Bosco Prep, in Ramsey NJ.

officials from the school (including head coach Mike Teel and athletic director Brian McAleer) said that Rice was not offered a job, he was just at the school to speak to the team.

Subsequent reports seem to say that Rice is in talks to coach at the school, but the deal has not been finalized.

Rice hasn't played in the NFL since 2014, when video surfaced of him knocking out his then-fiancee in a hotel elevator in Atlantic City.

(just a reminder, this video may be disturbing to watch)

Rice was suspended for two games, then suspended indefinitely, then reinstated. Despite reinstatement, no team has offered him a contract.

While I think that Rice should not have to continue paying for his crime, I do think that he's not exactly the type of person that should be coaching kids. There has never been an allegation of him being violent towards children, but the sort of guy that punches a woman is not the kind of guy who has an ability to control his temper. Should Rice have been blackballed by the NFL? I don't think so. Hell, Michael Vick got a job after getting out of jail, Adrian Peterson came back after beating his kid bloody, Donte Stallworth KILLED A GUY and continued to play. It's not exactly fair that no team gave Rice a shot at redemption. Still, I can't really feel sorry for a guy who punched a woman.

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