I know this seems like it's been going on forever, but it looks like New Jersey is finally going to become the first state to ban both plastic and paper bags.

We've seen plenty of individual towns (and even the PNC Bank Arts Center) take the step to eliminate single-use bags, but a bill just passed through the State Senate, being approved 22-14 that would ban single-use bags and Styrofoam takeout containers, and make straws available only upon request.

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For whatever reason, these bills keep getting passed by the Senate, but shot down by the Assembly.

According to NJ.com, the debate within the Assembly is whether bans on paper and plastic should be staggered to take effect separately, and whether the 18-month enactment timeline is too short, or too long.

Come on, you're really arguing about whether it's better to peel the band-aid off slowly or rip it off in one shot? And really wondering about the timeline of a ban? Look, it's going to require an adjustment period for most of the public no matter what decision is made, so just pick a day, and do it. If you give people a two-year warning, make announcements online and on the radio and on TV and on billboards and on banner planes over the beach, there will still be people on the first day of the ban saying "What? No one told me about this!" and yelling at some poor cashier. Just give locals businesses a clear explanation of what is and what is not allowed, and tell them to be ready on January 1st, 2021, and be done with it.

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