CLIFTON — A North Jersey dentist known for controversial holiday displays says his Christmas-themed lawn decorations are meant to bring smiles to faces amid a stressful time of year.

Dr. Wayne Gangi told New Jersey 101.5 News that his "12 Babes of Christmas" started as a "parody of the pressure of retail forcing us to shop 12 days of Christmas," in an effort to "bring levity to all the pressure of the season."

Gangi's lawn at his Grove Street dental office in Clifton is brimming over with light-up reindeer, snowmen, a sled piled high with presents and a number of red and green lingerie-clad female mannequins, wearing Santa hats.

The mannequins have become his trademark, especially since an Easter display with the female "bunnies" (of the Hugh Hefner persuasion) prompted one neighbor to attack the decorations with a bat in April, leading to a criminal mischief charge.

Clifton dentist's Christmas mannequins (courtesy Wayne Gangi)

Not only did Gangi rebuild the Easter display, but the mannequins were back in patriotic bikinis for a Fourth of July lawn display.

Now, they're mingling on the lawn along with a giant polar bear, and a very surprised looking Cookie Monster in a Santa suit.

Before the springtime incident gained him widespread attention, Gangi already was known in his community for elaborate Halloween displays. Dental clients and strangers alike have posted photos on social media in years past, delighting in the October decorations.

With the extra attention comes selfie-seekers who often stray a bit too close to live wires, Gangi said. He does have a barrier up since the Easter season run-in, at least along one area of the display.

Gangi jokes his lawn has become his "palette" for Christmas and Halloween. He said as of Sunday night, there were nine mannequins as part of the Christmas season decorations, with plans to make it 12 or 13.

Clifton dentist's Christmas mannequins (courtesy Wayne Gangi)
Clifton dentist's Christmas mannequins (courtesy Wayne Gangi)
Clifton dentist's Christmas mannequins (courtesy Wayne Gangi