Some jerk emailed news anchor Jennifer Livingston to call her fat.  Livingston took to the air to put the guy in his place.


I think this is pretty interesting...some people have said she just brought this up to highlight "Anti-Bullying Month", other people said she's trying to glorify being overweight. I definitely don't think she's trying to do the latter, because she even says she'd like to be skinnier than she is. I'm not sure yet where I stand on the idea that this is all a ploy.

I think the larger issue is the idea that all women in the media have to be skinny to be beautiful. Would this same guy write a letter to John Goodman for being heavy? It's a shame that people hold others to higher standards than they seem to hold themselves.

This guy says Jennifer is a bad influence for young girls? If this guy is so concerned, maybe he should just take it upon himself to teach young people to exercise and eat right instead of letting them take all their life cues from the television.

My rant is over, feel free to start yours below!