Anytime a social media post gets taken down if it’s not noticed, no harm no foul.  But if it is noticed then the speculation as to “why”, begins.  If it’s a business that makes an announcement, then that post disappears the curiosity grows even larger.  That’s what happened this week, on the Facebook page of Ocean Ice Palace in Brick.

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The post was quoted as saying,

"After almost 60 years of Family Owned & Operated businesses, Ocean Ice Palace & Ocean Hockey Supply will be closing their doors at the end of this month.  We are extremely thankful to all the friends who have become family and customers who have become friends over the years. The decision was not made lightly and certainly not without being given much thought."

Clearly, the message of thanks was indicating the Ocean Ice Palace that’s been part of the Dwulet family since 1962, has been sold.  After digging into the timeline of this announcement, there is hope.   The new owners will continue to run the 13 plus acre footprint as an ice rink.

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That’s good news to those who have not only created memories of youth hockey league games, and high school tournaments but for those visitors who laced up a pair and skated around the rink for fun.  I’m sure Brick High School grad Jim Dowd and Brick Hockey Club member James van Riemsdyk are equally happy.  Both hockey players, who have cut grooves in that sacred ice and went on successful NHL careers.

Getty Images/Mike Stobe

Dowd was part of the New Jersey Devils 1995 Stanley Cup Championship team, and van Riemsdyk is a member of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Philadelphia Flyers' mascot Gritty (AP Photo/Derik Hamilton, File)

In addition to being a community hub within Brick township, Ocean Ice Palace was also part of the tight-knit hockey community.  In January of 2014, the owners graciously hosted the very first fundraiser for my friend, Mike Nichols.

Mikey Nichols

The Monroe Township high school senior suffered a spinal cord injury in a varsity hockey game accident on January 4, 2014.  A check from behind featured his C5 vertebrae.

Mike Nichols Facebook

Mike grew up in youth hockey and played in various leagues where he logged many hours at Ocean Ice Palace.  Speaking of James van Riemsdyk, he didn’t hesitate to send an autographed photo for the fundraiser auction, to assist in Mike’s recovery.

Mikey Nichols

In 2016, “ice time fees” prompted many groups and teams to leave Ocean Ice Palace and set up camp in competing area ice rinks.  That controversy forced the business to be creative in captivating new customers adding bumper cars as a new attraction.

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The new owners (unknown) will take over operations on July 31st.  We can all cool down, 197 Chambers Bridge Rd, Brick Township, NJ will continue to be an ice rink.

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