I want you to reflect for just a second. If someone asked you what your most defining moment was, what would you say?   A local high school student in Hanover Park, New Jersey had one of his most pivotal moments while sitting in class, the funny thing is,  you probably saw it too...

To say that Hanover Park resident, Tyler Russell, is a huge New Jersey Devil's fan would be an understatement.  Tyler, like many fans, grew up going to the games with his dad since the arena opened back in 2007. Tyler and his family are season-ticket holders and since these events are so special to him, he likes to capture them on video for all of us too.

During Opening Night in overtime, Tyler started filming the action on his phone.  He happened to catch the exact moment when Jack Hughes scored the game-winning goal and threw his stick into the crowd.  He posted the video on his YouTube channel, and that is where TSN found it and posted it on their Instagram. After that, the NHL found it and direct-messaged him to ask if they could use it in their commercial.  Of course, the answer was an emphatic YES and before he knew it, he was sitting in high school cooking class when he randomly looked up at the classroom TV to see his face on it! Here is Tyler's NHL commercial!

Not bad kid!  Perfectly enough, Tyler's dream is to work for the NHL in their media department.  It's pretty cool that this local kid is already on their radar!

This was a defining moment that almost didn't happen because someone actually jacked Tyler's video and posted it as his own, which initially left him out of the mix but perhaps the coolest part of this story is that Tyler's friends flooded social media claiming credit on behalf of their friend to set the record straight.

Now, how Jersey is that? 

In the end, the NHL got it right and Tyler got to make his mark. This creative kid got the killer footage and had the ingenuity to think to film it in the first place.  The way I see it, all he needs for the hat trick is to land that sweet internship...NHL you reading this?

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