Facebook sucks, but I love being a part of a unique Facebook group. As you probably know, people act completely different in private Facebook groups. These social media users usually curse, start fights, and they often express wild opinions.

For example, I am in a Facebook group with a few thousand fans of The Sopranos. It's called The Sopranos: Commision and you literally never know what you're going to come across. I see people try to talk and act like Tony Soprano every day in this group. It's hysterical and completely out of control.

In addition, one of the best Facebook groups I am a part of is Jersey Sandwich Joints. Over 30,000 members consistently post pictures of sandwiches that are made in the state of New Jersey. People write where the sandwich is from, and they usually give a review. Occasionally people argue about Pork Roll/Taylor Ham but for the most part, it's phenomenal sandwich recommendations...

For this article, I want to highlight an up-and-coming Facebook group that offers tremendous insight for New Jersey's best wings. It's called Jersey Wing Joints, and if you are a fan of chicken wings, you need to join the group. Every day people post pictures and reviews about what wings they think are the best in New Jersey. Sometimes people will let you know what not to eat, but all in all it's great recommendations.

I was able to scroll through and pinpoint some of the most talked about wing joints in New Jersey. Below you will see 20 finger licking places that are highly recommend in the Garden State. In no specific order, I wanted to highlight some of the best places for wings. Which spots have you been to? See below!

20 Finger Licking Wing Joints That Are Highly Recommended In New Jersey

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