It really is true, once you're pregnant something else simply takes over your taste buds. It's the weirdest thing, I love food on a normal day, but when you're pregnant food is sooooo good and the kind of food you want is totally out of your control. Buzzfeed made a video about pregnant women and their weird cravings and it went viral! This hysterical video got me thinking about my pregnancy cravings, and wondering what yours were too! Here is the viral video that everyone is talking won't believe what these women are eating!

When I was pregnant I had to have jalapenos on everything...sometimes I ate them straight up. I also HAD to have Chilis salsa. I would buy a quart at a time and eat it with a spoon like it was soup. To this day my "baby" still eats spicy food right along with me! Here is a video of Bella and me eating our favorite snack. Some things don't change!

You guys have CrAzY cravings too! Her are just a few that you posted on our FB pages:

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Olivia: Hot cheetos dipped in apple sauce
Connie: Watermelon and Ready Whip
Diane: Fruit and only fruit
Cheryle: Spaghetti and bologna sandwiches
Rachel: Jalapenos with mango
Carol: Creamed cucumbers
Aubrey: Chocolate with yellow mustard
Annmarie: Sardines dipped in ranch
Angelina: Sour gummy worms dipped in ranch. Please don’t judge me.
Maggie: I hated meat with every part of me before I was pregnant. Once I was 6 weeks in I was a carnivore of the worst kind. A double bacon cheeseburger kind of girl.

Here are more crazy cravings!
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