'Hunted' is a new reality TV show on CBS that calls itself the ultimate game of hide and seek.  And a New Jersey native is competing!

'Hunted' is based on a British show that pits fake fugitives against 32 investigators.  The investigators are ex-CIA, Special Forces Veterans, etc.  And one former Somerset County Sheriff's Office employee!

Nick Klementowicz is also a U.S. Marine Corp Veteran.  He's also a bounty hunter.

NJ.com says,

While the faux fugitives try to stay off the grid, the investigators in the field such as Klementowicz interview family and friends and follow leads. Another team in the command center has access to law enforcement databases and state-of-the-art tracking technology and scrutinizes the targets' social media presence for clues. (That will be a big eye-opener for viewers, Klementowicz tells NJ.com, seeing how many intimate details of one's lives are readily available online.)

Sounds like a cool show!  It premiered on Jan. 22nd, but will regularly air on Wednesday nights at 8pm on CBS.

Source: NJ.com

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