New Jersey is expensive...but I obviously don't have to tell you.

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But there is news on this front.

According to, Governor Phil Murphy announced that he is taking steps to make New Jersey, “stronger, fairer, and, yes, more affordable for our families and seniors.”

I know what you're thinking.

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At first, this was my reaction too.

But then more information became available on this topic and there might be some validity to what our officials are trying to pull off.

Fees for various New Jersey costs could possibly be waived and if this new plan is given the green light...and I am 1000% on board.

Lets take a look at where you could save some cash:

Flat woman driver license, id card vector illustration

The first fee that could be waived is the renewal of your driver's license which according to, "would benefit approximately 1.75 million drivers." 

This would apply to those who need to renew between October 2022 and September 2023.

Five children (7-12) playing with plastic hoops in park
Bec Parsons

If this plan is passed, entrance to state parks would be free for New Jersey residents starting July 1st. Yes please!

Female doctor using stethoscope on male patient

According to, license renewals for, "healthcare professionals, including professional and practical nurses, home health aides, advanced practice nurses and respiratory care practitioners," would also be waived under this plan.

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The fee for marriage licenses would be waived. I DO!

Now this next one is a big one....

Showing Property Tax Concept

According to, the next financial break involves our insanely high and expensive property taxes.

If you own your home and make up to $250,000, you could receive a $700 rebate.

If you rent your home and make up to $100,000, you could receive a $250 rebate.

Every dollar counts in New Jersey so I'll take it.

But here is a shocker:

Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income tax return next to the Stimulus Check Relief program. Close up view.
Evgenia Parajanian

Murphy is claiming that all of these changes can be made without raising our taxes.

I hope he is right on this one because our taxes already give me a copious amount of anxiety.

There is something that officials think is missing from this proposal.

alcoholic asks for help

According to, a lot of officials are asking: Why not use part of this budget to, "replenish the state's unemployment insurance fund?" 

It is a valid question but there are only so many changes that can be enacted at once as far as I'm concerned.

And now for some of the reasons actually keeping people in New Jersey, despite how expensive it is:

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