I know it doesn't feel like time for Christmas just yet...but to whip out the cliche of "hey, it's 2020, nothing matters", I'm at the point of letting people do whatever they want. We've had some Halloween decorations up in our house for a couple weeks (and we are always adding more), the Dollar Tree in Barnegat has Halloween decorations along with Thanksgiving and Christmas - even Costco has Halloween costumes for the kids, along with a display of artificial Christmas trees and decorations. Time is a human construct, and humans can mold it as we please.

That's a long way to say that you can jump headfirst into the Christmas spirit and let Netflix turn your home into a winter wonderland!

JSCasting is looking for "NYC/Tri-state Area" homes to be featured in a new season of a Netflix Holiday Makeover show. Most of us have had a rough year, so maybe things are going to be tight around the holidays, and you won't be able to give your kids the holiday you had hoped. Maybe you usually put up a big display but aren't able to this year. Maybe it's your neighbor who always goes all out, and you want to show him up (not very Christmas-y, but I won't judge). Whatever reason you want, you can sign up to be part of this special. You can even nominate someone else in your community that you think deserves the ultimate holiday transformation!

JSCasting will ask for some info about you and your family, what kind of traditions you have, and what kind of makeover you would want. Attach a couple pictures of you, your family, and your home, and you could be part of the show!

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