There is an eternal battle between what defines "North Jersey" or "South Jersey"; there is, of course, the smaller-yet-still-loud contingent (which includes myself) that insists on the existence of a "Central Jersey".

I've actually started to drift away from the "Central Jersey" idea and begun to support the idea of 4 - yes FOUR - NJs: North, South, West, and Shore...but that's for another post.

There is plenty of evidence that shows just how different North is from South:

  • rooting for the Yanks/Mets/Giants/Jets vs rooting for the Phils/Eagles
  • "going to the city" meaning NYC vs Philadelphia
  • eating Subs vs Hoagies
  • putting sprinkles on your ice cream vs jimmies
  • obviously the Taylor Ham vs Pork Roll debate
  • do you call tourists Bennies vs Shoobies

And, thanks to Terrible Maps, we have another way to show how different our state is.

Look at that split, directly through the midsection of our state. An almost perfect split between North and South highlights the split between "Garbage Can" and "Trash Can". If you look closely, it literally looks like the line follows the border of Ocean and Burlington Counties.

So, is that map accurate? What do you call it, and where are you from?

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