Kevin Smith has spent a lot of time building up his "View Askewniverse", creating connections that run between many of his movies. Obviously Jay and Silent Bob are the focal points, other characters are referenced in multiple movies, and one of the big recurring motifs is that of the fast food restaurant Mooby's.

Smith opened an actual location of Mooby's, but for whatever reason, he opened the first one in Los Angeles. Finally, he's bringing the golden calf home to New Jersey!

The big announcement was made on Smith's Instagram:

No official date has been announced, but Smith teased a "mid-September" Grand Opening. The cherry on top of this fast-food sundae? Kevin Smith will be there for the celebration!

I checked through the Postmates site for the Los Angeles location of Mooby's, and even if this wasn't a tie-in to some awesome movies, the food looks pretty great. They offer the Cow Tipper (three patties and special Mooby Sauce), the Cocksmoker chicken sandwich, Hater Totz, and more. The Los Angeles location serves alcohol (Mooby's Lager and spiked Capri Sun), so I assume the Red Bank location will too.

And, if you happen to be one of those non-meat-eaters, they will have vegan options! They will feature a Beyond Burger version of the Cow Tipper, and a "Messy Vegan Lasagna Sandwich".

Not only will you be able to get food, but Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash will have a satellite store set up with new, exclusive Mooby's merch.

You can sign up for more updates at the Mooby's PopUp site. Thanks to my lovely and talented coworker Nicole for the heads up!

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