There's a lot to do in Jersey, especially as we are working our way into the summer season.

Of course, the big draw is the beach, there's nothing more fun, at least in my opinion than a day out on the beach or hanging out by the water.

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But maybe you're not a beach person, you prefer exploring little towns and unique little parks.

Fortunately for you, Jersey has its fair share of those as well!

One of Jersey's most unique parks makes for the perfect day trip, and there are some really interesting monuments and structures to check out when you visit.

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash
Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

For example, it has a monument for the exact location where New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York all meet!

You could basically be in three states at the same time.

So, What Is New Jersey's Most Unique Park To Visit This Summer?

You'll have to make the trip to Northwest New Jersey, and there you'll find the small township of  Montague.

According to Only In Your State Montague Township is home to one of Jersey's most beautiful parks, giving you one-of-a-kind views, and has some amazing monuments and structures.

Photo by LAUREN GRAY on Unsplash
Photo by LAUREN GRAY on Unsplash

High Point State Park is the main attraction in this town, and it has its very own Washington Monument that you can check out!

In addition to having its own Washington Monument, High Point State Park is, as the name implies, the highest point in Jersey so the views are spectacular.

After you wrap up at High Point Park, you can check out Luna Parc, an out-of-this-world art installation that's intertwined into someone's private residence.

There's a lot to do in Jersey in the summertime, but Montague Township has very quickly shot to the top of my list of places to explore in the Garden State.

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