I'm a proud graduate of Monmouth University. I spent a majority of my time there at the radio station (obviously), but I was a part of some other groups too. I actually started to pledge a fraternity at the beginning of my sophomore year, but quit after the first week. I still had plenty of friends who were in fraternities and sororities, but I just released it wasn't for me.

Now, Greek life won't be for anyone, because MU has suspended all fraternities and sororities until further notice. All non-educational activities sponsored by Monmouth's seven fraternities and nine sororities have been canceled, including pledging and recruitment efforts, parties, and community service events.Monmouth University President Grey J. Dimenna sent a letter to students and employees yesterday morning saying that the suspension was due to "the Greek community's inadequate response to serious conduct violations."

Monmouth University Campus (Amanda Mauro)
Monmouth University Campus (Amanda Mauro)

We've heard plenty of viral stories about fraternities and sororities behaving badly, but for the most part MU had avoided those controversies (yes, we all remember the tragic "buried alive" death, but MU hasn't gotten caught up in leaked racist Snapchats or that type of thing). The move seems to be something of a preemptive strike by the university, hoping to prevent an incident like the death of Penn State freshman Tim Piazza.

I don't think it's entirely fair to say "these other people screwed up, so to prevent you from screwing up, we're shutting you down". For full disclosure, I'm actually part of the FBHW mentality that Greek life is overrated entirely and doesn't really need to exist...but if someone wants to pay to be a part of it, far be it from me to stop them.

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