As tensions rise across the country following police involved shootings or violent incidents with suspects including George Floyd in Minneapolis or more recently Jacob Blake in Wisconsin, there are retaliating incidents of violence by certain individuals and groups who want action taken against police and reforms passed.

There are also non-violent incidents taking place such as anti-police rhetoric spray painted into the road in Middletown this week at the corner of Borden and Pelican Road.

Middletown Mayor Tony Perry said on Facebook that the township Department of Public Works was on their way to clean the road of the messages on Monday but he also sent a message to the artists of the anti-police murals in the road.

"Let me be abundantly clear to the individuals responsible for this: know that you aren’t heroes and you’re not affecting’re cowards."

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden addressed the graffiti incident on Facebook as well, giving credit for the quick response by Mayor Perry and recognizing that this incident does not reflect how most people feel about law enforcement.

"Thank you Middletown Mayor Tony Perry for your unwavering support of Law Enforcement. This is disgraceful and disgusting and certainly doesn’t represent the majority of our residents in Middletown and Monmouth County. Support the Blue."

Outside of the anti-police movements, there have also been peaceful Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations at the Jersey Shore that seek change and equality including in Toms River and Asbury Park.

Anti-Police rhetoric at the corner of Borden and Pelican Road in Middletown. (Middletown Mayor Tony Perry)
Anti-Police rhetoric at the corner of Borden and Pelican Road in Middletown. (Middletown Mayor Tony Perry)

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